KrakPots is a boutique business based in Queensland, who design and create Hypertufa garden pots.  

Hypertufa is a stone-like substance that was originally created as an affordable substitute for natural Tufa (a slowly precipitated limestone rock).  Hypertufa is made from aggregates (such as peat moss and vermiculite or perlite) which are bonded together with cement. When compared to concrete or stone pots, Hypertufa pots weigh considerably less, making them a friendly (and somewhat more organic) alternative. The range we are currently designing is ideally suited to succulents, cacti, bonsai, orchids, and other plants which thrive in porous containers.

Each of our pots are lovingly crafted using an outer mould to create their external shape, with the inner formation being completed by hand. Whilst our outer mould shapes repeat, many of the designs created are unique to each individual pot.


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