Designed for Succulent, Bonsai and Cactus lovers this low wall square pot will sit proudly on any Patio Table.  Due to its porous nature, it will prevent over exposure  to moisture whilst also offering the benefit  of insulation preventing overheating of the root system of your  plant/s.   Available in  a variety of designs. 


Dimensions:  W29cm 10cm 

Approx Weight: 1.3kg

Low Rise Large Square Pot. Light Weight Natural Stone Look & Feel.

  • Our pots come complete with drainage holes and are designed to be planted directly into. Suitable for indoor/outdoor/patio applications and perfect for succulents, bonsai, cactus, orchid, ferns, herbs and other plants with gentle to moderate root systems.
    NB: Each of our pots are handmade and accordingly, placement of inserts such as leaves, bark and other aesthetic treatments will differ slightly in each pot.